As a photographer and an art collector too heading to see Art Basel in Miami was something that I have been wanting to do for a number of years but just never did it. Throughout the year I hit Florida at least 2-3 times to see family and friends but never Art Basel. So now that I am living here I decided to go to see what all the hoopla was about...I was not that impressed but the nightlife was great!
I went to about 6 shows but did not have a chance to see the actual Art Basel show which I was told was over hyped anyway. Here are a few photos from the show that I liked.

I am doing REMOTE YEAR in 2017... Follow my NEW Blog

My Blog for my Year Long trip that starts on January 1, 2017 is

Starting on January 1, 2017 I will be doing REMOTE YEAR. If you are unfamiliar with it this is what it is in a nutshell. 75 People travel together to 12 cities, staying in each city for 1 month. We work at our own jobs but Remote Year supplies us with a place to live and a place to work. To say I am excited is an understatement. 
I started a separate BLOG named
You will be able to see where I am and where I will be going, see all of my Photos and you can follow along on my Trip to see what actually happens. This is a great opportunity for me and I am hoping you will follow me along on this greatest of adventures. You can sign up for my Newsletter there too.

Speak Polish or French? "Time Slice" Photos Featured in two Articles

Inspiration in Poland and Techniques in Canada  

Szeroki KADR by Nikon, a Nikon affiliated site Featured my work under their "Inspirations" Series. I am honored to be in another Nikon featured article along with some amazing Photographers in their series of works. 


In Canada I was featured with Dan Marker-Moore on our use of Time Slice Photography. Our unique style of this type of photography was compared by Louise Bourgoin in a French Canadian Online Magazine. The article was written by Florian Colas.

Photographed Cities & Landmarks Hours of Au Fil.... 



Featured in the Cartier "ART AND CULTURE" Magazine

Two Page Photo for an "Homage to New York" on the Grand Re-Opening of the 5th Avenue Store

Cartier puts out a quarterly Art and Culture Magazine and this month's Special issue is an "Homage to New York" for the Grand Re-Opening of their Flagship 5th Avenue Mansion Store. The renovation took over 2 years to complete and it just opened on Tuesday September 13th.

On Pages 6-7 is my Photo, "Time Slice New York" which happens to be the Featured photo of the issue. If you happen to go into any Cartier you can ask for a copy of the Magazine.

An article I wrote on "NewTravelist" about my trip to Dhaka...

"A Photographic Journey to the second Worst City in the World"

Festival season. We’ve all been there. From the music circuit to festivals of light. From art to food to international cultures. 2015 was a year filled with all the above. My travels took me from the "Lights Festival" in Berlin to and the "Signal Festival" in Prague and ended in Kolkata for the "Durga Puja". The year left me with endless memories, a whole phone full of new contacts, and a new perspective on life and what it has to offer.
To read the complete article click HERE...

Dassault Systemes: Corporate Client annual Report


Dassault Systemes is an International Company which produces a number of products based on 3D modeling. Their annual sales are over $1 Billion and are publicly traded on NASDAQ with ticker symbol DDD. For their Annual Report for 2015 they decided to use my image,      "Time Slice Singapore" as the cover of their Report.
   Cover of Dassault Systemes 2015 Annual Report

Cover of Dassault Systemes 2015 Annual Report


Photoviz - "Visualizing Information Through Photography"

Featured in "PHOTOVIZ " - Book Released by Gelstalten now for Sale

Photoviz is a book on a new way of seeing and experiencing Photography through visualization. The book was released in April by Gelstalten and authored by Nicholas Felton. There has been great press on the book and I am featured in two (2) sections of the book and I am the ONLY Photographer who is featured in two (2) sections!
On Pages 22-25 are my "Time Slice" Photos in the section CLOCKWORKS expressing the technique of the passage of time.
     Page 023

   Page 023


On Pages 166-171 are my "Vertical Church" Photos in the section HOUSES OF THE HOLY showing Vertical Panorama photography.
     Page 171

   Page 171

Happy New Year from Bangkok - "Songkran 2016"

The Largest Water Fight in the World!

I just got back from a tour that started in Bangkok and ended in Vientiane, Laos. My timing was perfect as while traveling through Thailand we were there for Songkran, which is Thai New Years. The way they celebrate is by having ridiculous water fights everywhere you go with water guns, buckets and hoses. Last year I did a few trips that I knew would be parts of the world that were celebrating holidays, this time was pure luck of timing. 
Here are some photos along with a link to all of my Photos of Bangkok

Featured in EYES IN Magazine April Issue...

EYES IN™ Magazine, the cutting-edge digital magazine of articles about and interviews from the minds of the world's most innovative creators.
As both a digital magazine and an art collector's buying guide, EYES IN™ spotlights innovation in art, film, architecture, literature, beauty, fashion, music, travel, culinary arts, photography, science, technology and more. EYES IN™ delves into the respective insights, disciplines and people of each field in easy-access formats.

EYES IN Magazine is an award winning magazine (2012 Eddie and Ozzie Award Prize for Most Innovative Global Magazine App) and is also on the list of “Top 10 Most Viewed Apps” by Adobe and recommended by the Adobe staff.