The Durga Puja in Kolkata, India 2015

The Largest Puja in all of South India - "DURGA PUJA - KOLKATA"

Having traveled to India a couple of times already I was prepared for that kind of trip (massive traffic, people everywhere and just complete chaos). But this time I was invited to stay with a friend and go see the Durga Puja in Kolkata. This is supposed to be the largest religious event of of it's kind in this area-it was massive. If you have been to India you know it is just madness all of the time but for this, it was multiplied many times over.
The first night of the event we just stayed in which turned out to be a godsend because there was a stampede at the largest Puja and about 6 people died. There was supposedly hundreds of thousands of people there that night. I would say we saw over 30 different Puja's in our time out there and here is a link to see some of