Opening of the Oculus at the World Trade Center Path Station

The OCULUS opens, the World's most expensive Train Station ($4,000,000,000)

This past week was the (un)triumphant opening of the OCULUS at the World Trade Center Path Station in downtown Manhattan. I was lucky enough to get there the 1st day it opened to little fan fair. Santiago Calatrava is my favorite architect and this building will be, in my opinion, the coolest building in all of New York city. There is nothing that comes even close.
The massive space has the feeling of being inside of a dinosaur with it's skeletal interior joints and openness to the sky. It is so unlike Grand Central which is from a different era and time of architecture. In Grand Central you feel protected and inside while in the WTC Oculus you feel very open to the sky and world around you that gives you the sense of being let out to the outside world. None of the retail stores are open yet, the full downstairs open floor was not completely open yet and the second floor wasn't open yet either. I can not wait until they open up the full building to truly get the sense of space. 
I highly recommend if you can get there now to see what it's like to watch an iconic building such as this place move from nothing, to something then to full completion, go for it. Here is a link to see the photos I took that opening day at my FLICKR account