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Amazon finally has my Book for Sale

My book "Vertical Churches of the World" has been on the market since last December when my printer finally sent the book over from Asia. The huge delay hurt sales for me last year because of the late shipment date and all of the shipping probelems brought on by Covid. So with all of these issues, I still have a number of books to sell (I did expect to sell out last year) for this holiday season.

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"Vertical Churches of the World" has been on sale at Itasca Books for 25% off but you need to pay for shipping. Because it is over $25.00 you can get Free shipping at Amazon but not at Itasca Books. In the end it is up to you where to purchase the book depending on timeframe and shipping time. Itasca Books is my book distributor and they actually sell the book to Amazon and then Amazon resells it at their site. Every book store and online store that sells my book does receive it from Itasca Books.
Book, travel, sale, Christmas, gift, Itasca, read, churches, photo, photography
If you are looking for a great coffee table book for yourself, the perfect gift for a friend or family member, this is the book. With a unique size of 13" x 6.5" it is a stand out especially with its gorgeous cover photo of the Lyon Cathedral in France. 
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