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     I have been working with Getty Images for a number of years. Most of my photos used have been for articles of locations that I have decided to post up photos to Getty. Over the years many of my photos have been used by their international clients and I have been paid from Getty, that is how it works. Recently I have been asked by other photographers if it was worth it to work with Getty and here is the my answer to them.


     Getty is probably the largest of all of the purveyor of photos and videos in the world. They have moved heavily into sports and entertainment in this new millennium where before they were more news and ad based. Regarding my business I only do photography and have decided a long time ago to not participate in doing videos. My connection to Getty is a bit unique as I am personal friends with someone who has been working at the company since the 1980's. That does not give me any advantage to get my work in front of anyone who makes decisions on purchases but it did help me make the decision to work with Getty Images over other companies in the field.

      The first photo above in this post was about the reopening of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. As we all know the cathedral mostly burnt to the ground and has been under a constant renovation since that time. It seems that it will be reopening this year into 2025. I was happily surprised to see my photo used when there must be hundreds and hundreds of photos of the cathedral to choose from and they chose mine. But that is the way things work with stock photography. You never know how or why they chose your photo for an article and you do not know how much you get paid either until well after the post.


    The photo of Bali was also used in an article from images I have at Getty Images. Be it that it was used for a National Geographic article was even more impressive than the Notre Dame article. This goes to show you that even companies such as Nat Geo need to use stock photos for their articles too, that they do not have enough photos from their own portfolio to fill their needs. This is how large Getty Images is.
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