I have been quiet over the past few months and have not posted anything since I started my Kickstarter back in May. I ended up raising over $19,000 which made it a huge success. In the end I needed the extra money because costs of the book skyrocketed this year. Printing costs went up and shipping costs almost doubled from the original proposal. But the book is supposed to be shipped to my distributor by the first week of November, just in time for a fantastic Christmas gift.
Vertical Churches of the World      
     At this point I am working on what kind of advertising and promotion I am going to use to promote the book. Of course Facebook and Instagram will be used but I am trying to find another way to get the word out. Any help from you will be appreciated. The company I am using for distribution is Itasca Books. Itasca will be offering my book for sale at their website soon for pre-orders too. The book should be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other distributors online by the end of October also for pre-order. Once I have all of my marketing material together I will be posting it here on my Blog. I also have a website to purchase items associated with the Vertical Church photos on Redbubble.                                   
Click HERE...You can purchase Phone Cases, clothing, bags, home products and of course photos too.   
In my next post I should have my book listed on a few websites for pre-sale so keep an eye out for the next post.