Like every photographer in the world I use Instagram but I recently started to use Pinterest (again). They work very differently from each other with different results but in the end you are really looking for the same results, SALES. I was recommended a few months back to take a look at it as a marketing tool and also as an opportunity to get viewers to to my website for sales but also to build a strong following on Pinterest

     So if you know anything about Pinterest you know that it is for people looking for decorating, food, photography, travel and design ideas. I highly recommend going on to see how the site works because it does it in its own unique way, searching can be a bit confusing and you also need to open an account to get on. At this point in time the travel is more of an inspiration for the future when travel will be allowed for all of us to explore the world again. For me I am still in the learning mode on how to build my account but there are lots of videos out there for ways to get followers and leads to your account.

     It is all about good content, like most visual sites out there. Tailwind is probably the best host to help you post your pins on Pinterest and they also do the same for Instagram. It is a fantastic scheduler which makes your life easy and there are great videos, fantastic help center and this is only a personal endorsement because I really like the company. With the help of this company and me learning online how to use hashtags, proper sizing and the scheduler I want from having about 2,000 hits a month to so far I am averaging over 40,000 hits a month. Now that is a hell of a growth in just over 2 weeks.