Dear friends, 
I am a photographer with an amazing track record in preserving jaw-dropping images of churches for posterity, many are here for sale at my website. I have decided that the time is finally right to put together a compendium of my most stunning photos. Photographers make collections of their best images all the time, but what’s new and exciting here is that I am putting my pictures into a beautifully bound hardcover book that will show off all my eye-catching photos in all their colorful glory.

My book, "Vertical Churches of the World", began life back in 2012 in New York when I came up with a wonderful idea for how to stand out from the crowd. The field is full of talented photographers, so I decided to combine my passion for breathtaking church architecture with my talent for photography. This idea led to me traveling to over 90 countries spread over six continents. I searched the world for the most sensational churches and cathedrals, whether they were in the busiest of cities or the remotest of towns.

 This book is the result.


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Creating Vertical Churches
Multiple Church photo
Africa Chapter

Having traveled the globe in search of the ultimate images that will leave their viewers stunned and wanting to visit those churches in person, I have put them in a 216-page, 6.5" wide  x 13" high, hardcover book. With over 150 Photos spanning 52 different Countries, this is a book that I am truly proud of. It contains photos that have been used by media agencies, newsrooms, and museums. Photos used in this book have also been used in blogs and articles and have been featured at photography festivals as well. These unique and vibrant images have found critical acclaim in well over a hundred countries.


Pages 20-21
St. Andrew's Cathedral
Europe Chapter



Vertical Churches have been a featured at the 2019 "PhEST Photo Festival" in Monopoli, Italy, for which the photos were blown up over 50 feet high and hung in local churches. Five of the photos were also part of the "Knowledge in Images - Information Design Today" exhibition at the Museum fur Gestaltung in Zurich, Switzerland. However, my book is more than a collection of gorgeous photographs. It answers many of the most popular questions that I am asked, such as: How do you make the photos look that way? Where did you get the idea? Which is your favorite church? 

I have been sitting around with these photos for a number of years, ready to complete this project and then Covid-19 came around. Being stuck in the U.S. for such an extended period of time, I was able to find a great designer to work with. She was able to guide me with all of my ideas, her expertise is what made this come true for me.  

This campaign will allow me to publish the book and share with a wider audience the spectacular views offered by churches around the world. The money raised through Kickstarter will pay for the printing, shipping and storage of the books 1,000 copies to be ordered. I have already paid for the full design of the book at my own expense of $3,000, that money will only be paid back if the campaign raises more money than the original funding goal. They deserve to have their most beautiful buildings shown off in the best way possible. Take a look at the range of different Reward options, so pick one and start looking forward to having your own copy of my book full of vibrant images that have been hailed by diverse publications from Vice and Wired to Huffington Post and Culture Trip.



Pages 122-123

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Pages 194-195


"Vertical Churches of the World" is laid out vertically in separate chapters that show images from different continents with a prologue from Professor Bill Cook. Ph. D., Cornell University, New York. My unique style for photographing churches means a vertical layout is more suitable so viewers can fully appreciate the grandeur and elegance of these stunning churches and cathedrals. 

Book Details:

  • Size: 6.5" Wide x 13" High

  • Pages: 216 

  • Hardcover Book 

  • 154 Photos from 52 Countries on 6 Continents 

  • Publication date: Scheduled for October/November 2021

  • Retail Price: $29.95