Now that I am back in the US for the sole reason of promoting my soon to be released book "Vertical Churches of the World", it is finally available for Pre-Sale at a number of websites. The book was supposed to be delivered to my distributor on or about November 1, 2021 but it is going to be delayed. Being printed in Thailand seemed like the best move for me at the time, much earlier in the year, but now because of the worlds shipping problems the boat is now in Los Angeles port waiting to be unloaded.



The book can now be Pre-Ordered through Itasca Books which is my direct distributor located in Minnesota. You can also order the book at Amazon which offers free shipping. Barnes & Noble is also offering the book for Pre-Order which gives everyone a chance to purchase at their favorite book seller. I am expecting the book to be listed at a number of other sites that have not yet listed it for sale. Once the book is physically available I am expecting some local book sellers to sell the book at their physical stores also. 

 The book will make an amazing Christmas gift to yourself or a loved one who appreciates amazing architecture, travel, history or religion. It fits so many different interests for a wide variety of people.  Once the book is in Minnesota I plan on heading to my warehouse to sign all of the books that I sold through Kickstarter and the delivery of the books begin.