I have not posted lately as I took a hiatus from posting. Last year my book "Vertical Churches of the World" was finally completed and it is a project that I am extremely proud of. It took me many years to get the images together along with lining up the right people and companies to work with. I went with Itasca Books based out of Minnesota to do the printing, storage and shipping of the books as well as being one of my many locations to purchase the book. 


     Of course the book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble too. I also set up a website dedicated to the book at www.VerticalChurchesOfTheWorld.com where you are able to purchase the book as well as merchandise and photos. Speaking of photos, I have worked with Yellowkorner, a French based international photo company with over 95 galleries around the world. They happen to sell a number of my church photos at their stores and online gallery too. They offer three of my photos for sale. My website here offers a much larger selection of images to choose from. 
     The book was released during the Christmas season last year but it did not sell out. I printed 1,000 copies and sold about 50% of them during the season and hope to sell out the rest by this upcoming holiday season. If you are looking for a beautiful coffee table book, a fantastic unique gift for a friend or just a gorgeous book for your own home, Vertical Churches of the World is the choice for you.           
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