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     I am not sure if you know that my work is for sale at a number of other websites, not just here. Working with many companies over the years I have been looking for new relationships to have my work featured with more companies that align with my vision. Some of them have retail stores but most of them sell mainly online only.

     As a photographer selling your own work solely at your own site can only give you so much exposure. I have built relationships with a multitude of other photo selling sites such as Yellowkorner, Ikea, One Kings Lane, Perigold, Wescover, Great Big Canvas, TurningArt, ElephantStock and Saatchi Art. Almost all of these companies listed do all of the work for sales. They print, promote, ship except Saatchi Art, they do not do any of the printing, that is where I have to step in.


Richard Silver Photo for sale at Saatchi Art

     Saatchi Art is unique in that respect. Once a piece is sold, it is up to me to get the piece printed. They send me all of the proper paperwork required for shipping, COA and they take care of the billing. Because the business model is set up in this way I do get paid a higher percentage than other vendors I do business with. So many of the other companies literally pay me pennies on the dollar for sales but Saatchi Art pays out a nice amount to the artist which is why they have been my favorite company to have sales with. Yes there is more work but it is the kind of work I appreciate doing especially with a great company like Saatchi.

Lisbon theater for sale at Saatchi Art
     Over the past few years I have had pretty good success working with Saatchi Art. If you are looking for another outlet to sell your photos you definitely should look into working with them. It is easy to sign up, post your work, pick your pricing and start selling. They sell many different forms of art so if you are a painter, sculptor or graphic artist your work can also be sold on this platform. If you have questions you would like to ask me just email me and I would be more than happy to assist.
Follow me on Instagram @richardsilverphoto