Wescover and Turning Art are two companies that I have worked with in the past but have released new work to update our relationship. They both offer art to the public and corporate spaces, both work with local artists in all fields of art and décor. 


This is Wescover's Statement...


"We envision a future where fast-decor falls out of fashion; where local makers overtake mass brands; and where the objects we own have meaning."

"We want pieces that are personal, made to last, and worth handing down— not destined for a dumpster. So we created a marketplace full of well-made alternatives to mass decor. We reveal who the world’s best interior designers are buying from and connect you to their favorite creative brands. Here you’ll find small-batch, made-to-order, custom and commission pieces directly from the people who make them."



Wescover carries other items outside of art. They carry furniture, lighting, pillows, rugs, tableware as well as offering renovation specialists. 



Turning Art also offers full decorating services to their clients. Offering a unique rotating service of their art to their people, keeping the spaces always looking new and up to date. They have a catalog of over 25,000 pieces to choose from. 

 This is Turning Art's Statement...


"Turnkey Service: We handle everything, from design and curation to installation and rotation, freeing you to get involved as much or as little as you like. You will have a dedicated Art Advisor throughout."


These refreshed relationships gives new corporate, real estate and home owners an opportunity to find my work. Unfortunately one of the biggest disappointments of this industry (like many others) is that too many people do not know your work exists at all, being out in front of them is probably the hardest part of this industry as a whole. Looking forward to seeing my work in more hotels and corporate spaces over the next year.