This year I was honored to be one of the 13 Photographers chosen to participate in the 2019 PhEST Photo Festival in Monopoli, Italy. This year was the 4th annual event and the theme of the show was #TAGYOURGOD. My Vertical Church photos were represented in two spaces at the festival. Both spaces happen to be abandoned churches that are now used for events such as this. They curators ended up printing my photos over 30’ high!

PhEST Photo Festival Italy

PhEST Photo Festival displaying my Photos at 30 feet high

   After seeing my photos on Instagram that large I literally had no choice but to fly out to Monopoli, Italy and see them for my self. For any artist to have their work displayed at such an overwhelming size was just so inspiring for me to experience. I have seen my photos as large as 6 feet high, but 30 feet with spectacular crisp quality printing AND in a church, I felt extremely proud. The hosts of the festival were kind enough to allow me to do a couple of tours speaking to people about my work.

PhEST Photo Festival Monopoli, Italy

I hosted a walking tour at the PhEST Photo Festival