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Since the lock down in February I have been living in Florida with my family. What I have accomplished is completely re-designing my website and completing the book I have been wanting to work on for years. The book is "Vertical Churches of the World". "Vertical Churches of the World" is a 216 page hardcover book of photographs of more than 150 churches covering 52 countries and spread over 6 continents. 


Vertical Churches of the World


I have set up a separate website for the book once it is actually printed and completed for distribution. The website is The site will have updates on release date, printing, information about the book and most importantly Products for sale at

A video on YouTube is also available to look at here... 




The book as of yet is not printed as I am still looking for a publisher for the book. I am expecting the release to be sometime next year through a publisher but the backup plan is to self publish. Let me know what you think.


 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @VerticalChurchesOfTheWorld