Like most people on the planet right now I am home, well what I call home, living in Florida with my family. I gave up my New York apartment back in 2016 so when I do come back to the U.S, living with my mom and sister is how I spend most of my time at a home base. Being inside and not exploring the world the way my life has been for the past few years, I needed to figure out what to do with the down time, again, like most people are doing.

   Having so many friends all over the world that live to travel and travel as a lifestyle we are asking each other what is a resourceful way to utilize the time. For me I made the decision back in January when I was in Asia to go to Florida and concentrate on redoing my website and work on finishing up my Vertical Church book.

   First I needed to hire a company to assist me on designing my site that could also be a shopping site as I've always had a separate site for shopping. I ended up choosing Shopify as my only host site and stop using Squarespace and Photoshelter as they do cost more money monthly to host both sites. My goal was to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for customers and I feel this was absolutely accomplished as you can see from this current site you are on.

   My Vertical Church book is something that I have been working on for a few years but have been shy to pull the trigger. It felt that I couldn't find the right place to look and find a fair priced book designer but then I found Reedsy. Currently I have two offers from designers and am just waiting for the world to get it's shit together before I hire anyone. The book feasibly will be print ready when I am done so it can either be presented to a publisher or print it on my own. If I do print on demand then I will crowdfund a Kickstarter campaign for the books printing. In New York there is an excellent company for large printing of unique sized books like mine.      (Please keep this in mind to support my project-Thanks)

   Some friends have spoken about finally working on older travel photo projects that they neglected in the past, learning new Photoshop and Lightroom skills, learning SEO (if that's even possible), planning out where they want to travel to once the world gets back to a more normal place and of course finding a higher appreciation for their families. 

   As far as my future travel plans go, I think 2020 will keep me in the United States as there is much of this country that I still have not explored and this seems like a great year to support the country. Canada is also in my sites for this year, my desire for long term travel is at a standstill mentally so these two countries seem like a smart choice for me this year.

So if you have any questions for me, please send me an email at